Kapit Mas Partner with Umicore

March 20, 2016

At Kapit Mas we are always trying to find ways to improve our services to you and to do this in line with our social responsibility values, which makes us very to happy to announce that we have recently signed an agreement with Umicore Precious Metals (Thailand) Ltd. to purchase and import fine sterling silver from them. We are very excited about this development as Umicore produce a higher quality of silver than we can buy locally which will help us to produce better finishes and shines on your production, and also in line with our corporate values, and as outlined in the attached letter from Umicore, we are very happy to advise that our silver supply is now coming from a 100% recycled source: better quality silver that we can feel better about using and selling. I am sure this will make you customers feel good when buying your jewelry too!

Recycled Silver by Umicore

Umicore are a registered member of the LBMA, and I have personally walked though their factory and am impressed with the way they work and the standards they set. We are very excited to commence this collaboration with Umicore as a core supplier of Kapit Mas.

Recycled Silver Certification – For PT Kapit Mas
(Click Image For Download Recycled Silver Certification)

Many good wishes,


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