Would You Like to Work with Us at Kapit Mas ?

We do things a little differently here! So before you consider applying for a job with us it would be a good idea to understand a little more about our work philosophy. Then, if you feel this is an environment you would like to work in, please read on and see if you think you would fit and enjoy working here. It is important for us that you enjoy working here, and we enjoy working with you. Even if there is no position currently open for your skill set we would still be happy to hear from you and keep your CV on file in case a position does open up!

A fundamental philosophy of our way of working is based on the following  2 questions:

  • How can I make my workmates job easier and more productive ?
  • What can I do to increase our customers’ customers satisfaction ?

We feel that if we make our workmates jobs easier, they will in turn do the same for us and as a team we will have a more enjoyable time at work and a greater capacity to achieve more. This creates a more dynamic and responsive work place.

Our customers’ customers are the people who wear our products. Their satisfaction is our best endorsement, and it is what we ultimately aim to do. Therefore, in order for us to achieve that, all staff members must support the concept.

If you enjoy working as a team, participating in finding best solutions, and if you are proficient at your job and think you can still improve your skill set, then we might be a good fit. We are a team who knows how to work and how to get results, but we also know how to enjoy the time we spend at work as well.

If this sounds like an environment you would like to work in then, please get in touch,

Positions Currently Open

We are currently looking for the following profiles:

If you feel that you can meet the qualification and up to the challenge, please send your complate application and use the right email subject when sending your application email ( subject : YourName-Position)

Email your CV and Cover Letter to
We are looking forward to receiving your application!

Kapit Mas Training Center

As part of our development and re-generation program we run a training center for metalsmiths. We take in apprentices and train them in the arts of hand fabrication. We are seeing the past few years that many of the traditional smithing skills, past down from generation to generation are fast being lost. The chain is being broken at the last generation and we want to do something about this. At our training center we endevour first to teach the basic metal skills such as soldering, shaping and forming, polishing and finishing, stone setting etc, and also provide the trainee with an appreciation for the quality standard of work required by today’s consumer. If the apprentice shows an aptitude toward the craft, we continue then to teach the more intricate and complex skills of traditional Balinese and Indonesian smithing.

At this training center we do prioritise applicants from underprivileged backgrounds, who have a desire to improve the situation of themselves and their families. We provide them with meals and accommodation during this training period.

If you know people in this situation who might be interested in becoming a craftsman, please feel free to contact us